Welcome to the Lovelace Legacy! Feel free to check out the rules on the rules page. Go to Chapters to see my latest posts, or if you want chronological order starting from 1.01, click this link. Hover over the “Chapters” button for options to visit pages for each generation, where you will find a link to the recap of the generation, a photo of the heiress, information about said heiress, and links to each and every post in that generation. They’re not totally done, but the links work, and there are a ton of fun facts! Check them out!

If you want to contact me for any reason, be it a request or a question, go to the contact page. The family tree page has links to the Lovelace family tree, where you will see every single family member. I pride myself on uploading once every two days, so you’ll never be without content for long. We are currently following Grace on her journey through generation eight, so join in reading with us! Never hesitate to comment and leave feedback, I’d love to hear from you.


9 thoughts on “Home

      1. Haha, that’s fine! I like the color scheme you changed it to 🙂 I never write post excerpts since I’m horrible at summaries lol 😂 It took me forever to find a theme I liked! It’s cool that it’s back to normal, though, it’s been that way forever so it’s nice it’s still the same through the generations 😄

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        1. Thanks! I was debating whether or not I should change it, but when I finally settled on yes, there were absolutely no themes that do everything I need. Yeah, I figure it’ll stay the same until the regular legacy is over now 😀


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